Thank you for taking time out to be part of this project. 

With this tour, I hope to listen to and amplify the voices of children all over the world. You and your students were chosen for many reasons - not the least of which is the simple fact that you are a massive source of hope in your community. Seriously. 

Each educator and each learning environment is unique. Please take a look at this guide, schedule a time that works best for you, and shape this experience to be of most benefit to your students.  I don’t want to take up a lot of your classroom time. My hope is that this sparks some great thoughts in your students, leaves them encouraged to continue sharing their voices, and provides inspiration to people of all ages to look to the voices of young people more often. 

Thanks for being part of this. More than that - thanks for all you do to make the world more awesome every single day!

to the possibilities, 


We hope for each classroom to block off at least 30 minutes for the Skype call with Brad. You and your students can spend that time however you’d like! The real question is, what do you hope your students gain from this experience? We simply want to make sure you and your students feel like your voices are heard!

The key ideas we hope to hear from students are: 

+ If you could say anything to the world what would you say? 

+ How can kids and grown ups work together to make the world more awesome? 

+ What does it mean to be a good grown up? 

Here’s a sample schedule: 

1-5 min. - Initial connection with educator only

3-5 min. - Brad says hello and has some fun with classroom

5 -7 min. - Classroom shares what they most want to share with the world

5 -7 min. - Brad asks a few questions. Teacher helps facilitate answering from students.

5 min. - Brad ends each call with this question to students: “How can I be a better grown up?” 

5 min. - Wrap up - Students free to ask questions to Brad



Step 1: Schedule Your Tour Stop!

Schedule your Skype session with Brad! Please click the button to look through available dates and times and schedule one that works best for your class. Brad is in Tennessee on CST, so make sure you note the correct time for your timezone. Once you choose a time, you will get an email confirmation. We will also be in touch via email in the days leading up to your tour stop if you have any questions!


Step 2: Check your Skype Connection

We will be using Skype to connect, and you can download the latest version here. 

If you are new to Skype, The Edublogger has a helpful site for educators here.

It might be helpful to do a quick connection test with another teacher or a friend to make sure that both your audio and video work--we want to be able to see and hear your classroom, and for you to be able to see and hear Brad! 


Step 3: Prepare Your Classroom!

Here are some ways a few classrooms are preparing:

+ Writing Exercise!

Some classrooms have chosen to get the students to write a few thoughts on “If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?” or any of the other key ideas listed above. You could chose to have a few students read from their written responses as part of the Skype call. 

+ Class Discussion!

Some classrooms find that group discussions are an effective way to get students thinking about what they would like to share with the world. You, as the educator, can help encourage your students to share thoughts or expand on thoughts on the call they previously shared with the class. 


This video can be a great way to get your classroom ready and excited for being part of The Listening Tour. You can share with your classroom via this unlisted link or download directly here.  




You know your classroom better than any human on Earth.
You do whatever you need to DO in order to make this work for your students! 


Sometimes there’s a bit of extra time and Brad can ask the students some additional questions. Should that happen, here’s a few Brad might ask:

+ What are some things you guys are afraid of?

+ What are some things that make you guys laugh?

+ What are some ways people in your classroom are making the world brighter?

+ Do you feel like the world listens to kids enough? How can grown ups improve?